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Dylan Jayatilaka (University of Western Australia) is the project head honcho.

The following people have made invaluable contributions to Tonto:

  • Daniel Grimwood (iVec supercomputer center)
    • Daniel helped design the whole system
    • He's contributed to integral and constrained wavefunction codes
  • Aaron Lee
  • Ajay Lemay (Australian National University)
  • Anthony Russell (formerly: University of New England)
    • Anthony suggested the name Tonto
  • Christopher Taylor (formerly: University of Western Australia)
    • Chris has written the gaussian checkpoint reader
  • Stephen Wolff
    • Steve has worked on the DFT and Roby bond index codes
  • Patrick Cassam-Chenai (University of Nice)
    • Patrick has contributed the geminal-mean-field codes
  • Anne Whitten
  • Andrew Whitton
    • Andrew has initiated the NLO properties codes
  • Lukas Bucinsky (Slovak University of Technology, Bratislava)
    • Lukas is our relativistic expert
  • Martin Hudak (Slovak University of Technology, Bratislava)
  • Simon Grabowski (Free University Berlin)
    • Simon has worked on the ELI localisation indices
  • Mike Turner
    • Mike worked on the NLO codes
    • Mike has contributed the logo!
  • Birger Dittrich (Goettingen University)
    • Birger has worked on the aspherical (Hirshfeld) atom refinements
  • Thorsten Stolper (Goettingen University)
    • Thorsten and Birger added rotation of density matrices to new geometries