Compiling specific versions of Tonto

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Definitely customized

There are a variety of different types of Tonto executable that you can compile.

Some of them are darn useful.



The compilation/customisation options are contained in the platform-specific compiler options file, in the platforms/ directory.

For example, if you are using gfortran on Linux, it is the platforms/GNU-gfortran-on-LINUX file.

The particular file in your case depends on your compiler and operating system.

Please identify the correct file beore doing anything!

Then edit it to control what kind of executables you get.

  • Note: whenever you change this file Tonto will rebuild from the start.
  • Note: generally you should only need to change the switches which are uncommented in this file.
  • Note: there are usually several commented-out suggested options that can be used

A summary of groups switches which control the customised executables is as follows

Compiling compact executables

Executables in tonto tend to be big. That is no good.

If your executable is too big for your liking, you can remove all dead code from your application by typing.

  make compactify

Consider also using the -DNO_GENERIC_NAMES compile option. See below to make an even smaller executable (though, you may break the 32 character limit on routine names in this case).

Compiling executables other than tonto